Custom Lunches, Private Dining, Handmade Pastries

Di Lux encourages our clients to browse our many choices for customized lunches. Every meal always includes a main dish, side dish, crisp salad with handmade dressings, dessert and bread made the morning of. We are extremely flexible in terms of ingredients and offerings, so be sure to tell us if you are looking for a dish or style you don’t see here. Or feel free to pick and choose items to create your own unique luncheon.

Bottled water, specialty-brewed iced tea, and local coffee are also available.

Di Lux delivers your lunch in lovely dishes with all serving utensils and picks them up later in the day, or we can deliver in easy-to-handle disposable containers. Other essentials, glass plates, forks and knives, a friendly server, of course, can be easily arranged.

Prices generally range from $23 - $35 per person, which includes service, tax and delivery charges.

Lunch Menu 1

grilled pork loin w/
caramelized onions and mushrooms

cheesy broccoli & cauliflower rice

baby spinach Salad w/
local radishes & toasted walnuts
w/ choice of roasted red bell pepper dressing
or smoked bacon-sage vinaigrette

Di Lux SuperBuns

peanut butter cookie sandwiches w/ chocolate ganache

Lunch Menu 2

spicy cajun jambalaya w/ local sausage,
crayfish & rice w/ zucchini & squash

long grain white rice w/ caramelized onions & red peppers

mixed greens salad w/ local tomatoes & English cucumber
w/ lemon citronette

garden chile & blue cornbread muffins

handmade pecan pralines

Lunch Menu 3

artichoke & summer garlic spread w/
belle verdi farms micro greens and baguette crostini

individual quiche of local farm eggs,
roasted tomatoes, chevre & caramelized onions

butter lettuce salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette

strawberry shortcake

Lunch Menu 4

individual mini wedge salad w/
chunky blue cheese dressing

traditional club sandwiches w/
sliced turkey, smoked bacon, jack cheese,
lettuce, tomato slice & mayonnaise
on handmade white butter bread

crispy herbed potato wedge chips

handmade fudge

Lunch Menu 5

traditional lasagna w/ ground beef, pork, and veal,
béchamel, mozzarella & spicy tomato sauce

steamed broccolini

traditional Caesar salad w/
garlic croutons & Parmesan Reggiano

Di Lux garlic SuperBuns

pistachio cannoli

Lunch Menu 6

cold salad of endive boats, sliced apples,
aged balsamic vinegar & Roquefort cheese

penne Bolognese of veal, pork & beef baked w/
mozzarella cheese & spicy tomato sauce

Di Lux garlic SuperBuns

traditional tiramisu

Lunch Menu 7

chilled gazapacho w/
tomato, cucumber & onions

spicy enchiladas w/ roasted local organic chicken,
& Monterrey jack cheese

corn chips w/ handmade pico
& guacamole

chocolate tres leches cake

Lunch Menu 8

panzanella salad of marinated heirloom tomatoes,
shaved red onion, cucumber w/ giant croutons

individual stuffed calzone w/
Italian cappicola, spinach & caramelized mushrooms

steamed broccolini

crème caramel

Lunch Menu 9

Handmade meatloaf w/ tangy red sauce

macaroni & cheese w/ Applewood smoked bacon & basil pesto

romaine lettuce w/ purple cabbage &
local tomatoes w/ choice of
watermelon vinaigrette or creamy buttermilk dressing

Di Lux SuperBuns

key lime pie w/ graham cracker crust & citrus glaze

Lunch Menu 10

local chicken scallopine w/
caramelized mushrooms & summer corn in pan jus

caramelized onions, Applewood smoked bacon &
Swiss cheese over Yukon Gold Potatoes

mixed greens salad w/
English cucumber & local tomatoes w/
choice of Honey mustard or Creamy Buttermilk dressing

Di Lux SuperBuns

Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake w/
handmade cookie crust

Lunch Menu 11

twice baked potato wedge w/
sharp cheddar cheese & chopped bacon

chef salad of romaine leaves, sliced turkey breast, smoked ham, hard boiled eggs,
cherry tomatoes w/ traditional ranch dressing or Italian vinaigrette

handmade Di Lux SuperBuns

chunky chocolate mousse

Lunch Menu 12

summer salad of baby green beans, cherry tomatoes,
gruyere cheese, shaved red onion & extra virgin olive oil

family-style local organic chicken pot pie w/
English peas and carrots

Handmade buttermilk biscuits

Peanut butter truffles

Lunch Menu 13

slow roasted pulled pork shoulder served w/
smokey bbq sauce, pickles & white onions

traditional cole slaw w/ mustard-seed vinaigrette

warm flour tortillas

local peach cobbler

Lunch Menu 14

baby spinach salad w/
walnuts, cayenne crackers & smoked bacon vinaigrette

stuffed manicotti filled w/ herbed ricotta &
baked w/ spicy tomato sauce & mozzarella

mixed berry tarts

Lunch Menu 15

chilled potato & leek cream soup w/
cracked black pepper

tricolore rotini salad w/ local tomatoes,
Pure Luck dairy feta cheese (Dripping springs, TX),
roasted peppers, red onion & zucchini

Handmade garlic bread

handmade ginger snaps

Lunch Menu 16

pan seared bastrop cattle co. hanger steak
w/ chianti-veal jus

caramelized mushrooms

mixed greens salad w/ radishes & creamy buttermilk dressing

grilled parmesan-tomato bruschetta

handmade oatmeal cookies w/ dried cranberries

Lunch Menu 17

chilled & grilled gulf coast shrimp skewers
w/ summer zucchini

mixed greens salad w/ local tomatoes &
English cucumber w/ lemon dressing

Handmade blue corn muffins

white chocolate & orange éclairs

Lunch Menu 18

mushroom-sausage stuffed pork loin

caramelized brussels sprouts

baby spinach salad w/ roasted red peppers & pancetta vinaigrette

Di Lux SuperBuns

chocolate-peanut butter cupcakes